d3.unconf  2016

October 16-17, 2016 | Galvanize and Google SF


Sunday, October 16th, 2016
Galvanize SF
44 Tehama St, San Francisco
Monday, October 17th, 2016
Google SF
345 Spear St, San Francisco

About d3.unconf

d3.unconf is an annual gathering of data visualization practitioners. We're meeting to catalyze involvement and knowledge sharing within the d3.js and greater visualization community.

For our third annual event we are extending the festivities to two days of sharing and hacking. On Sunday the 16th we will continue with our traditional unconference activities at Galvanize. On Monday the 17th we will convene in Google's SF office for another full day of d3 goodness. See the Schedules below for more details.


Rachel Binx

Opening the unconference on 10/16 we have Rachel Binx, a long time member of the d3.js community having coded visualizations for Stamen, NYTimes, NASA JPL and Mapzen. She is also a prolific creator of data driven technology businesses such as Meshu and Gifpop. We look forward to a special talk from Rachel for the unconference!

d3.unconf 2016 | October 16th

Mariko Kosaka

Kicking off day 2 of the unconference on 10/17 we have Mariko Kosaka, a creative JavaScript programmer with inspiring explorations with code. She is an experienced speaker and a community organizer for several NYC events like BrooklynJS and EcoHack. Mariko is currently writing Javascript at Scripto, a company that makes modern television writing and production application.

d3.unconf 2016 | October 17th



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Day 1 - Sunday, October 16th

We continue our tradition of self-organizing around the most interesting topics in the d3.js community. Check out the past events for the kinds of sessions we had, we've discussed and shard many subjects like visualizing neural networks or understanding d3 v4. What do you want to talk about this year?
Day 1 - Map
8:30 AM Breakfast  
10:00 AM Keynote: Rachel Binx  
11:00 AM Session 1 Library: d3.js v4
Boardroom: generative art
Alcatraz: 3D +AR/VR 
Presidio: WIP & Show and Tell
12:00 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Session 2
Library: modular & reusable
Boardroom: maps
Alcatraz: GIFs
Presidio: WIP & Show and Tell
2:30 PM Session 3
Library: react + d3.js
Boardroom: webgl 
Alcatraz: Machine learning 
Presidio: WIP & Show and Tell
3:30 PM Session 4 Library: performance
Boardroom: clustering
Alcatraz: TBD
Presidio: WIP & Show and Tell
4:30 PM Closing remarks  

Day 2 - Monday, October 17th

We heard from many previous attendees that they wanted an outlet for all of the ideas they got from the varied and interesting conversations they had during the unconf. We hope having a second day for people to hack together and continue discussions will foster even more collaboration.
Day 2 - Map
8:30 AM Breakfast Batgirl 
10:00 AM Keynote: Mariko Kosaka Batgirl
11:00 AM Session 1 Supergirl: Workshop - animation randomness with Noah
Elastigirl: hack space + d3.meta
Batgirl: intro d3
Sue Storm: chat space
12:00 PM Lunch Lounge
1:30 PM Session 2 Supergirl: Workshop - voronoi with Fil
Elastigirl: hack space + d3.meta
Batgirl: intro d3
Sue Storm: chat space
3:00 PM Session 3 Supergirl: Workshop - building a custom d3.v4 plugin with Kristen
Elastigirl: hack space + d3.meta
Batgirl: intro d3
Sue Storm: chat space
4:30 PM Show and tell Batgirl
5:30 PM Closing remarks Batgirl

Code of Conduct

The Bay Are D3 User Group is a network of peers wih a wide variety of backgrounds. Our goal is to create a friendly, welcoming environment to discuss visualization topics. You can help us foster a creative environment. 

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Celebrate the work of others.
Help newbies.

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