d3.unconf  2014

March 29, 2014 | Github HQ, San Francisco


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GitHub HQ
88 Colin P Kelly Jr St, San Francisco, CA 94107

About d3.unconf

d3.unconf is a one-day gathering of data visualization practitioners. We're meeting to catalyze involvement and knowledge sharing within the d3.js and greater visualization community. 


Irene Ros

Irene is a core developer for The Miso Project, a framework for interactive storytelling with data. She organizes the Boston conference OpenVisConf and is a Senior Developer at Bocoup.




9:00 AM Breakfast
9:30 AM Session Planning
10:00 AM Opening Keynote
Irene Ros

10:30 AM

Space 1: RCharts with Ramnath
Space 2: multivariate data
Space 3: d3 interop w/ Angular, etc
Space 4: intentionally left blank
Space 5: New to d3

11:45 AM

Space 1: Performance d3+canvas
Space 2: Sankey/Alluvial chart, Circuit diagrams
Space 3: Reusable d3 + MV*
Space 4: Network visualizations; d3 + sigma + Cytoscape etc.
Space 5: mapping with tiles - gMaps, Leaflet, etc.
12:30 PM Lunch

1:30 PM

Space 1: d3+webGL
Space 2: Data scraping + storing, by @pbbackum 
Space 3: Mobile, by @shirleyxwu 
Space 4: Process: How to get from Data to Vis, by @alignedleft 
Space 5: Visual effects/SVG Filters 

2:30 PM

Space 1: Visualizing Outliers+Extremes
Space 2: Linked Views: Multple Charts, One Dataset
Space 3: Visualizing Neural Networks
Space 4: Teaching d3: Examples, Challenges, Resources by @ireneros
Space 5: Users Help Users: d3 Community
3:30 PM Beverage Break

4:00 PM

Space 1: Biology + d3, by @ariutta 
Space 2: RAW: Using Reusable Charts + Viz for Non-programmers 
Space 3: Storytelling, Design and Good Taste, by @srhnhm and @nils 
Space 4: SVG Testing 
Space 5: Data vis for the Humanities: Words, Feelings, Art, Images, Narrative, Music 

5:00 PM

Space 1: d3 Hacks + Nuggets: Things I wish I knew earlier 
Space 2: d3 workflows + tools 
Space 3: Exploratory vis with Unknown Data 
Space 4.1: Reading Lists + Books. Space 4.2: Sports Analytics 
Space 5: d3 + realtime and streaming data 
6:00 PM Dinner
7:00 PM Github Pub!


Ian Johnson
Sarah Groff-Palermo
Kai Chang
Victor Powell
Brandon Liu
Paul Van Slembrouck
Miles McCrocklin
Erik Hazzard